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Need help with the interview?

Getting invited for an interview means you've passed the first test - your CV must have made a good impression. Now you need to prepare yourself for the interview to make sure you make the best impression.

  • The Company - you should aim to know the companys' history, what services they provide, are they part of a larger organisation, have they been subject to any recent acquisitions or mergers, and are they award winners in their field. Use the internet/ company website along with any company brochures that you can obtain, to research the company. Also ask your Consultant at North Oak Recruitment for any further information that may be available.
  • The Interview - you need to know the date, time and specific location of the interview and also to know how many people will be interviewing you and what their positions in the company are. Also find out how long the interview is likely to last, and if there will be any skills testing.Your North Oak Recruitment Consultant will be able to answer all of these questions for you.
  • The job - make sure you have studied the Job Specification closely and that you have a good understanding of the role, and how it fits into the organisation.

Plan your journey

  • Consider travelling to the company the day before the interview to check how long the journey will take, allowing for any rush hour traffic.
  • Make sure you have adequate directions, information on public transport routes and timetables, and parking information if you are driving.
  • If you have a disability, let the employer know so they can make any special arrangements (for example, arrangements for you to get into the building).

Creating the right image

  • Ask your Consultant at North Oak Recruitment what the acceptable dress code is within the company.
  • Ensure your shoes are polished, and you have a neat, clean and tidy appearance. A good rule to remember is that an interview is not normally the place for extreme fashion statements!
  • Aim to arrive for the interview between 5 and 10 minutes early. Introduce yourself in a calm and friendly manner to the receptionist or whoever greets you, and if possible make a small amount of polite chat with them whilst you wait.
  • Accept that it is natural to be nervous, and that you may have a fast heartbeat, a shaky voice or butterflies in your stomach. These are your bodys natural ways of meeting a challenge, and in small doses, can help you. Practice deep, slow breathing before you go into the interview.This will slow down your heart rate and help calm you down.
 North Oak Recruitment have worked very hard to find me a position.  Angela has been friendly and professional, she listened to what I was looking for and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new job. 
Sharon M.
 Angela is second to non in her knowledge of the financial services industry across the Midlands.  Having been made redundant I was feeling unsure about my future but Angela was very reassuring and quickly got to work for me.  Within 3 weeks, I had the perfect role and I can't recommend Angela highly enough - Thank You!
Kate M.